A legal register allows for an organisation to understand environmental laws and other compliance obligations that apply to a company, facility or project. This will aid compliance with environmental law. It will also allow for compliance with Clause 6.1.3 of ISO 14001:2015. 

Our Service

We have significant experience of developing environmental legal registers for clients. Following a site visit to the facility to gain an understanding of activities, the register would be developed in close consultation with the client. A common format for an environmental legal register is a tabular format that consists of the following columns: 

  • The name of relevant laws and other relevant compliance obligations.
  • A summary of the requirements of each law and other compliance obligation.
  • How the named laws are relevant to the facility.

The register will follow a logical structure, grouping legislation by issue (e.g. water, waste). Environmental laws change regularly we therefore also offer a service to review and update your environmental legal register on a regular basis. 

Why Us?

  • A high level of experience and qualifications in environmental law  (Chartered Environmentalist, IEMA Lead Auditor registered and MSc qualified).
  • You can prove to your certification body, regulator, customers or others that you have thoroughly assessed and evaluated compliance with relevant environmental legislation.
  • We have much past experience of developing environmental legal registers for clients in many industrial and commercial sectors.