A legal compliance audit will assist your organisation in determining the extent of compliance with relevant environmental and/or health and safety laws.  We will visit your site and undertake an in depth study of compliance against the law.

Our Service

We have specialist knowledge of environmental law and auditing developed from undertaking many legal compliance audits, developing and delivering environmental legal training courses and implementing EMS’s to the ISO 14001 standard. Our legal compliance audit service will involve the following:

  • Prior to a site visit we will provide you with a questionnaire to complete to give us a basic understanding of your significant risk so that we can research relevant legal requirements.
  • Visit your site and undertake structured interviews with key personnel from senior management to shop floor staff.
  • Produce an easy to understand report and action plan simply identifying what you need to do to comply with relevant legal requirements.
Why Us?
  • High level of experience and qualifications in environmental law and auditing (our auditors are IEMA Lead Auditor registered and MSc qualified).
  • You can prove to your certification body, regulator or others that you have thoroughly assessed and evaluated compliance with relevant environmental legislation.
  • We have much past experience of delivering environmental audit services to clients in many industrial and commercial sectors. 
  • The audit will also be tailored to your needs – for example we will provide the final report in an easy to understand manner in a format that suits your needs exactly.